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At the Beardmore Hotel and Conference Centre we have many years of experience at hosting events ranging from large residential conferences to small workshops or training courses for less than 10 people.

Careful and thoughtful planning will ensure a successful event. Our events team are happy to help you through the process, to ensure all your requirements are fully met.  We are also happy to suggest some options which might make your event more successful or we are happy to recommend experienced Professional Conference Organisers (PCOs) familiar with working in The Beardmore.

Points to consider:

  • What is the key purpose of your event and how will you measure its succes? Is it a conference to highlight a new initiative, share findings or gauge opinions? Or is it a board meeting to discuss current work plans or future strategies?
  • Define your outcomes. What sort of experience do you want your delegates to have and what information to you want them to leave with?
  • Are there any specific objectives or goals that need to be met?
  • What are the dates or date options that you are looking for?
  • Give yourself enough time to prepare your event and to ensure that your venue is available.
  • Have you got enough resources in your department or organisation to make all the arrangements and provide administration support for your event? For bigger events you may wish to consider using an events company for all or some of your event organisation or PCO.

Practical matters:

  • How many delegates are likely to attend the event?
  • What is your budget?
  • What sort of conference or meeting facility do you need?  Theatre style, cabaret style, classroom style, boardroom style or a combination? View our Conference rooms
  • Do you need any syndicate or breakout rooms?
  • Do you need a display or exhibition area?
  • What sort of audio visual requirements do you need?
  • What sort of technology do you want to use if any and what support do you need?
  • How many coffee breaks do you require?
  • Is networking an important element of the event? You may wish to consider how refreshment breaks can help this process.
  • Where are your delegates coming from and how will they arrive? We have car parking and concierge collection from Glasgow Airport (subject to availability).
  • Is your event residential? If so, what standard of bedroom do you want for your delegates and what other leisure facilties can our venue offer? We have a gym, swimming pool, internet access, restaurants and bars.
  • Is the venue DDA compliant? Do you need any special facilities or features?
  • Are you having any VIPs attending the event and do you need any special arrangements for them?
  • Is there likely to be press interest in your event?
  • Do you need to access support services such as photocopying and printing?

Points to consider when planning your event timetable:

  • Create a balanced timetable so that delegates are not sitting for a long time.
  • A variety of presentation styles and tools will keep your audience interested. Consider using voting buttons, social media or other technology aids.
  • Using syndicate rooms for smaller groups will add variety to your event, as well as encouraging people to take part in discussions.
  • Are you having a closing session to summarise the event outcomes?
  • Choose a menu that is suitable for your event.  A heavy three course meal could tire out your delegates before the afternoon session, so a lighter buffet may be more appropriate.

Other ideas you may wish to consider:

  • Have you thought of webcasting from your event?
  • Have you thought of having an offsite visit to show relevant best practice, take part in a fun activity, or particularly if you have overseas delegates, show a local landmark or tourist attraction.
  • Does your venue have suitable grounds for delegates to take a post lunch walk or an outdoor teambuilding event?
  • If you are having a residential event you may wish to conisider providing evening entertainment.  We can give you a number of ideas and can usually arrange this for you too.

Essential activities

Once you have decided on the format of your event, you should always:

  • Go on a detailed site visit to ensure that your venue meets all your requirements.
  • Get to know the events team so you are confident that they are looking after your individual event requirements and that customer care is a priority.
  • Ensure that the events team at the venue understand your objectives so that they can help you achieve a successful event within your budget.

Informing your delegates

Every event organiser will attract and register delegates in different ways but delegates will all require the same information prior to the event, such as:

  • What time does the event start and finish?
  • Details of how to get to the venue and/or details of transport options.
  • Options for delegates with disabilities or dietary requirements.
  • An event programme

On the day:

  • What handouts do you require and what can be prepared in advance? Will you need to photocopy last minute information?
  • Are your presenters using PowerPoint and do you need to create a template for the event so that all the slides are consistent.
  • Are your presenters sending their presentation in advance or bringing it on a memory stick? It is always advisable to get presentations a few days in advance.
  • How will you badge your delegates and what type of registration desk do you require?
  • What sort of signage do you need for your event and what can your venue provide?
  • How am I going to evaulate my event? Do I need to issue evaluation forms to delegates? If so, how will I collect the completed forms?
  • What support can your venue provide on the day to ensure your event runs smoothly?

The Beardmore Hotel and Conference Centre's award-winning events team are happy to help plan any events taking place here.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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