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Blind athlete to complete triathlon at Beardmore Health Club

Fitness instructors at the Beardmore Health Club are training a blind member to complete a fund-raising triathlon with a difference.


Instead of the traditional swim, bike ride and run, Chris Marshall will complete the sprint-led triathlon of 20 kilometres on a static exercise bike, 750 metres on a rowing machine and 5 kilometres on a cross-trainer.


The 21-year-old, from Parkhall, Clydebank, is hoping to go on the waiting list to get his own guide dog, so wants to raise at least £250 for Guide Dogs for the Blind from his challenge.


He will complete his sprint-led triathlon at the Beardmore Health Club on Wednesday 30 October with the aid of fitness instructor Chris McGoogan and Health Club Manager Craig McKinnon.


Craig commented: “Chris has an excellent relationship with his fitness instructor, and usually trains with us five or six days a week for more than an hour at a time. The idea of a sprint triathlon is that you complete each part as quickly as you can, and, with all the training he is doing, we are sure that Chris will do this well within his target.


 “Chris is an inspiration to all of the staff and members of the Beardmore Health Club and we are all 100 per cent behind him for this triathlon. We have learned a lot from working with Chris and hope his story makes people understand that you can do anything that you put your mind to.”


Chris has been blind since suffering a blood clot at age 15. After spending six weeks in a coma, he woke up to discover he could no longer see and had to learn how to walk, talk and even eat again.


Seven years later, he is determined not to let his blindness get in the way of his life and has been attending the Beardmore Health Club for 6 years with the aim of improving his general fitness. Since deciding to complete the triathlon, his training has been stepped up to help him achieve his goal of completing it in just one hour and fifteen minutes.


John Smith, Chris’s step-dad, added: “The staff at the Beardmore Health Club have been brilliant and we can’t thank them enough for what they are doing for Chris. Coming to the gym is one of his main social activities, and it is wonderful that the support he receives here is helping him achieve his goal of completing this triathlon.”


To support Chris, you can sponsor him at

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