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Computer assisted knee surgery comes to Scotland

The NHS National Waiting Times Centre is proud to host the first conference on Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery (CAOS) to be held in Scotland.

The CAOS UK annual conference takes place at the Beardmore Hotel and Conference Centre from 7-9 February 2008. The venue was chosen for its links to the Golden Jubilee National Hospital – which is fast becoming a national centre of excellence in orthopaedic surgery.

Orthopaedic consultants from the Golden Jubilee are also running their Advanced Course in Computer Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery on 7-8 February to tie in with the conference. This will take place at the University of Glasgow’s Anatomy School.

Kamal Deep, Secretary of CAOS UK, explained: “We are delighted to be holding our conference for the first time in Scotland in a venue that is owned and run by the NHS.

“The use of computers is really just taking off in orthopaedics. Only two per cent of surgeons currently use this technique, with less than 10% of all joint replacements currently done using a computer navigation programme.

The Golden Jubilee carried out 11% of all hip and knee replacement operations in NHS Scotland in 2006/07– over 1,500 operations. Approximately half of these are carried out using the computer assisted navigation system.

Frederic Picard, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Golden Jubilee, said: “We have set up the Advanced Course to train specialist surgeons in a skill that is short in supply but increasing in demand all the time.

“The benefit to surgeons is that it helps you do exactly what you want to do; it’s much more precise, and helps you position the implant right down to the last millimetre.

“Patients will also see major benefits as they have a smaller chance of complications arising from using this technique."


Date of release: Thursday 7 February 2008
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