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The Beardmore Hotel & Conference Centre was delighted to win at the Scottish Hotel Awards 2012:


Dunbartonshire Lieutenancy gather at the Beardmore

Members of the Lieutenancy of Dunbartonshire will gather together for a dinner on Friday 7 November at the Beardmore Hotel and Conference Centre. This will also be the first public engagement for the new Lord Lieutenant, Rear Admiral Mike Gregory OBE.

This is the second time this year that the Beardmore has assisted the Lieutenancy. In July, the Beardmore – as part of the NHS National Waiting Times Centre – was proud to host a visit by Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh. Specifically, the Beardmore hosted a lunch attended by NHS staff honoured for their achievements as part of the 60th anniversary for the NHS in Scotland.

Beardmore General Manager, Eileen Newman, commented: “Not many venues can testify to serving royalty and now we are delighted to follow that up by serving the Lieutenancy of Dunbartonshire.

“We are especially looking forward to meeting the new Lord Lieutenant and sincerely hope he enjoys his first event here at the Beardmore.”

Photographers are invited to take pictures at 7.15pm on Friday 7 November 2008 at the Beardmore Hotel and Conference Centre. Please ask for the General Manager on arrival.

About Mike Gregory

Mike Gregory retired from the Royal Navy as Flag Officer Scotland, North England and Northern Ireland in 2000. For three years after that, he became Chief Executive of the Mechanical and Metal Trades Confederation, and in 2004 was appointed Chief Executive of the Energy Industries Council. He is now a Director with the mercy Corps, a major international relief and support organisation.

Mike is also a Council Member of Erskine Hospital, a Volunteer for Scottish Veterans Homes, a Volunteer for the Royal Star and Garter Home among other contributions. Based in Gartocharn, he is married with four children.

Date of release: Wednesday 5 November 2008
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