Our Waverly room can come as one large room, or two smaller ones. It can be used separately, or as an 'overspill' room with live video feeding in from the auditorium.

Style Capacity   Facilities  
Theatre 55   Video conferencing Yes
Classroom 20   Natural daylight No
Boardroom 24   No of 13 amp sockets 16
U shape 24      
Hollow square 30      
Horseshoe 26      
Lunch/dinner 44      
Cabaret 32      

Waverley split

Style Capacity   Facilities  
Theatre 20   Video conferencing Yes
Classroom 6   Natural daylight No
Boardroom 12   No of 13 amp sockets 8
U shape 9      
Hollow square 12      
Horseshoe 12      
Cabaret 5      

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